Laser Whitening Is An Improved Way to Whiten Teeth

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How Laser Perio Surgery Can Help Your Gums

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The Benefit of Night Guards

Grinding one’s teeth is a bad habit that can occur while someone is awake and while someone sleeps. An individual who grinds his or her teeth will usually be unaware of the fact, leading to more pain and ruining one’s […] Continue Reading

7 Signs It’s Time For a Dental Checkup

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Cold Laser TMJ Therapy is Safe and Effective

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Laser Therapy for Cold Sores Produces Fast Results

Laser therapy for cold sores is the revolutionary way to deal with a problem that has plagued humanity for a long time. Cold sores are sometimes also called fever blisters and occur around the mouth and on the lips. Herpetic […] Continue Reading

Visiting a Family Dentist in Los Angeles is Beneficial for Your Entire Family

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A Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist and Procedures That Can Help You

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Modern Tooth Replacement: Implant Dentistry By Vatan Dental Group

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Vatan Dental Group Can Use Dentures and Partial Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth

At Vatan Dental Group, we use both dentures and partial dentures to replace teeth in a way that is durable and dependable. Dentures have been used for centuries as a highly effective way to provide people with a full set […] Continue Reading