Visiting a Family Dentist in Los Angeles is Beneficial for Your Entire Family

Posted on: July 15, 2016

Family DentistWhile visiting a family dentist in Los Angeles will probably never make anyone’s list of the most fun things to do this summer, it is always a good idea to see the dentist before the summer ends. Families who live around Los Angeles have learned there are distinct advantages to seeing your dentist on a regular basis and having bi-annual family examinations at the family dentist. For us as a family dentist, there are numerous benefits to having a family come in on a regular basis and establish us as their primary dental caregiver. For one, it places us in a position in which we become part of the family’s confidential network along with your family physician, which in turn builds a great deal of trust. This trust translates into the ability to treat problems and also proactively work to avoid dental problems as they occur. The relationship, when it transcends generations, is particularly helpful with family members who may have some level of anxiety or dental fear.

The best way to look at this is from the perspective of children. For a child, there are many things in this world that are unknown, and, therefore, scary. The dentist’s office, if they have not been in at a very young age, can be one of those scary things. With people walking around wearing white clothes, strange equipment, unfamiliar smells and sounds, and a chair we expect them to lie back in while we work in their mouth, the dentist office can cause anxiety in adults and children alike. What we have found as a family dentist in Los Angeles is that being a family dentist helps to relieve some of this anxiety. Bring your child in the next time you come in for a cleaning or a regularly scheduled examination. Seeing their parent going through the dental processes and realizing there is nothing to fear is a great way to turn fear into curiosity. Once a child starts learning about what we do, the fear dissipates completely, and you will have a lifelong patient who is not afraid of the dentist office. Additionally, the parents of children being treated by their family dentist will also experience a sense of trust seeing us work with their children, which can help mitigate their own dental anxieties.

With a family dentist in Los Angeles, you have the advantage of being able to schedule all your appointments around a central time. This means you will not have to hustle to different appointments, which is a huge deal for growing families. In addition, there is the benefit that at the family dentist, we do all the procedures in one place. We know people’s dental needs change over time, no matter how old they are when they start with us, so we provide you with all the services you need under one roof. This avoids a situation where you need to go from pillar to post trying to figure out where to get different procedures.