Laser Whitening Is An Improved Way to Whiten Teeth

Posted on: September 15, 2016

Laser whiteningLaser whitening is revolutionizing the way we whiten teeth. With laser whitening, we are able to speed up the process of whitening your teeth and give you the beautiful smile you want in a much shorter period of time. The science behind whitening teeth has been enhanced with laser whitening so that you can whiten your teeth in as little as one hour.

In order to whiten teeth, we use a peroxide-based solution to get into the enamel and cause a chemical change, which makes the teeth appear to be white. The addition of a laser speeds up the chemical reaction to the whitening solution, and this allows us to whiten the teeth faster and with less required whitening sessions. From your perspective, this means that you can come in, be treated, and leave with beautiful white teeth in one appointment.

Who Benefits from Laser Whitening

Virtually any adult can have a laser whitening treatment.  However, given how quickly we can complete the procedure, it is ideal for anyone who –

  • Is getting married and has limited time.
  • Wants to apply for a new job.
  • Is going on an important date or making a key presentation at work. 
  • Wants to look amazing in time for family photos.
  • Is too busy to wear whitening trays at home.

The Process

The first step to getting a laser whitening done is a screening process. During the course of the screening process, we are looking for specific challenges that may hinder your whitening, such as health issues that may cause damage to the teeth. For example, adolescents and pregnant women are almost always advised to wait and get the laser whitening done at a later date. One of the main concerns we are checking for is to see if your gums have receded and exposed your roots. This can lead to uneven bleaching because the tooth root is resistant to the whitening formula. For the vast majority of patients, however, the screening is merely a formality, and you can proceed to the next step of the treatment, which is called a pre-treatment. Essentially, a pre-treatment is where the dental hygienist will properly clean all your teeth and ensure that any caries you may have are properly treated and filled. We do not want the whitening solution to penetrate a cavity and cause discomfort.

When you are properly prepared for the treatment, we will lean you back and apply a barrier over your gums so that they do not get the whitening solution on them. After checking and rechecking to make sure that your gums are fully protected, we will then apply a special whitening compound to the front of your teeth. Because this is a laser whitening, we will then use a small laser to activate the chemical compound. Some patients may notice that the compound starts to foam a little bit as it lifts the stains off your teeth. Once all your teeth have been treated by the laser whitening, we may allow the compound to remain in place for a few minutes before removing it. If necessary, we can apply a new layer and repeat the laser whitening process in order to reach your desired shade of white.

Once the process is complete, you can begin to enjoy your new and improved smile.

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