Why You Might Prefer Laser Dentistry Practices Instead of Traditional Dentistry Tools

Posted on: April 17, 2017

Laser DentistryLaser dentistry practices offer more precise and efficient routes to complete many common dental procedures. Laser dentistry techniques are continually growing and improving, resulting in more successful and quick dental treatments. Thanks to the precision of laser dentistry tools, we can access highly specific areas of focus without the potential of damaging surrounding tissues. If you have dental phobia, dislike traditional dentistry tools or you just want to try the most efficient and discomfort-free solution to dental problems, laser dentistry practices can offer safe and comfortable treatment options. Laser dentistry can correct infections and dental cavities successfully.

Pros of Laser Dentistry Practices Over Traditional Dentistry Tools

  • Shorter healing times
  • Quicker, suture-free soft tissue treatments
  • Minimal need for anesthetics
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling due to the accuracy and cauterization that high-energy lasers provide
  • Less chance of infection because the laser sterilizes tissues during the treatment
  • Laser dentistry treatments can regenerate tissues
  • You may spend less time in the dental chair due to the effectiveness of lasers
  • You can relax more easily since you won’t be hearing unsettling drill noises
  • Laser dentistry practices keep children calm
  • Laser dentistry treatments can seal pain receptors, so your teeth become less sensitive

What Laser Dentistry Techniques Are Used For

Cavity Detection and Treatment

Laser dentistry techniques allow dentists to detect cavities sooner than they could with traditional dental tools. Newer lasers can prepare a cavity site for treatment and provide accurate dental fillings with little to no local anesthetic injections. While placing a filling, lasers will kill bacteria so the cavity cannot re-develop under the new fillings. Some filling materials may not be compatible with lasers, but we can discuss these options with you when you visit our Los Angeles dental office.

Gum Tissue Corrections

Laser dentistry techniques now combat gum recession. Lasers can help regenerate soft tissue to repair damaged gums after gum disease. Lasers are also able to gently reshape soft tissues to disguise misshapen gums and help them to become stronger and provide more coverage. In addition to correcting problems associated with gum recession, lasers can expose more of the natural teeth, so one does not have noticeable gums in one’s smile.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can be successfully treated by laser dentistry practices. Many dentists prefer to use lasers for gum disease treatment, as they help maintain as much healthy tissue as possible while traditional dental tools often damage healthy tissues while they remove infected tissues. The level of sterilization laser dentistry practices provides also limits the spread of bacteria associated with gum disease, so you are less likely to experience a relapse of the infection.

In addition to these areas of laser dentistry that are popular today, lasers also apply to teeth whitening, to remove tumors, treat cold sores, and treat problems that result from Temporomandibular Joint Disorders in rare cases. For more information about why you may be interested in receiving laser dentistry care, schedule an appointment with our office. As with all techniques, lasers may not be appropriate for every dental problem you have, but Vatan Dental Group can work with you to find the most comfortable solution possible for any dental ailments.

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